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September 2016

Coming soon: Gardner, our new HPC cluster

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This fall, the CRI will launch our new high performance computing cluster, named Gardner. Available to all BSD/UCM researchers and their collaborators, the new cluster will allow us to accommodate more users and run analyses even more quickly and powerfully.

Gardner will feature:

  • 2.0 GHz Intel Haswell processors across all nodes
  • Infiniband FDR interconnect (56 Gbps)
  • 97 TFLOPs  Actual Performance (Rmax)
  • 88 standard compute nodes (2464 total cores;  128 GB RAM per node)
  • 28 mid-tier compute nodes (784 total cores; 512 GB RAM per node)
  • 4 large memory nodes (112 total cores; 1.28 TB RAM per node)
  • 5 GPU nodes with NVidia Tesla K80 GPUs
  • 1 Xeon Phi nodes with 2 Knight’s Corner coprocessors
  • 350 TB Scratch Space

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