The CRI’s Clinical Research Data Warehouse (CRDW) is a repository of University of Chicago medical data dating back to 2006. The CRDW team brings together data from disparate sources, including Epic electronic medical records, Centricity billing, Cancer Registry, and REDCap, to create cohesive datasets for research. This resource has contributed to dozens of published papers since its launch in 2012.

CRDW data include lab values, procedure and diagnosis codes, demographics, medications, and visit information—and we’re always working to expand the amount and types of data available.

The i2b2 web interface is populated with the CRDW’s most commonly requested data points. You can use i2b2 (accessible with your BSD or UCHAD login) to query the data in the CRDW, find potential cohorts for research studies and clinical trials, and familiarize yourself with the data elements we have available.


Get started with your data request by emailing us to reserve an office hours appointment. CRDW office hours are held weekly as an opportunity for researchers to initiate data requests, discuss the status of requests in progress, and explore the data available for research. The discussion at this initial meeting also allows the CRDW team to develop a good-faith estimate for each new request.

Date: every Tuesday
Time: 9am-12pm
Location: Medical Center N161
(Directions to N161)



CRDWTeamOur team of developers and data analysts built, maintain, and update the CRDW. Get to know the experts who curate and analyze your clinical data at the link below.


Pictured from left to right: Tom Sutton, MS; Stacie Landron, MS, RN; Anoop Mayampurath, PhD; Julie Johnson, MPH, RN; Tim Holper, MS, MA; Michael Tieri, MS; Tiffany Cyrus, MBA; George Gulotta, MS.


The data request process is initiated with an office hours meeting between the client and CRI staff. Our staff use the information gathered at this preparatory meeting to develop a good-faith estimate of the time required for the request. This estimate and a statement of work are presented to the user for approval. We are committed to supporting all BSD groups, and will work with each user to develop an acceptable timeline and total cost.

Before fulfilling a request, the CRI verifies any protected health information requested with the IRB. A sample data extract is provided for user approval before the full data extract is provided. Once the request is complete, an invoice is sent to the client. The average turnaround time for a data request is 4-6 weeks; however, this may change based upon available resources and the complexity of the request. Expedited requests may be possible for an additional fee, depending upon availability (see our chargeback model for details).


All users of the CRDW must abide by the terms of this agreement: Obligations of CRDW Data Requester

Fill out the Data Request form here.

CRDW policies and workflows, including the details of IRB approval, are available to download here.

Step-by-step instructions for retrieving your CRDW data are available here.

Information on acknowledging the CRDW in a grant proposal or paper can be found here.

Looking for image data? Visit the Human Imaging Research Office.


CRDW services are partially subsidized by generous support from the BSD Dean’s Office and the Institute for Translational Medicine (ITM). Office hours consultations and the time spent refining requests and developing estimates and statements of work are provided free of charge. Time spent fulfilling data requests is then billed based on whether the request is standard, expedited, or urgent.

The CRI is committed to supporting all BSD groups, and our team will work with you to develop an acceptable timeline and total cost. In addition, we’ve partnered with the ITM to expand their Core Subsidy Program to include grants for CRDW data requests. Approximately 15 awards will be made each grant year on a rolling basis, with each applicant eligible for one award of up to $1,000 each year. For information on the application process, visit the ITM.


$ 95

per hour

  • average 4-6 weeks
  • depends on availability and complexity


$ 200

per hour

  • complete in 2 weeks
  • subject to availability


$ 200

per hour

  • plus $1500 rush charge
  • complete in 3 business days
  • subject to availability


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