Galaxy is an open-source, web-based platform for data-intensive biomedical research that enables users to perform, reproduce, and share complete analyses.


The CRI maintains a customized version of Galaxy that is integrated with our advanced computing infrastructure, allowing BSD researchers and collaborators to take advantage of our high-performance computing and large-scale storage resources within a self-service data analysis environment.




The CRI offers Galaxy workflows for the following Next-Generation Sequencing pipelines:

  • RNA-Seq: Project Level Merge: RNA-sequence analysis for merging multiple samples and generating a differentially expressed list for single- and paired-end Illumina reads


Q: What are the uses of Galaxy?

A: Galaxy is useful for scientific workflow management, data integration, data analysis and publishing, and making computational biology more accessible to researchers without computer programming experience.

Q: What credentials do I need to access Galaxy?

A: To use Galaxy, request an account here with your BSD login credentials. If you do not have a BSD account, visit the BSD Account Request page.

Q: How do I use Galaxy?

A: User guides and tutorials are available at the Galaxy wiki.

Q: How can I get technical help with the CRI’s Galaxy?

A:  Submit a ticketemail us, or call our help desk at 773-834-8475.