The CRI has partnered with the Department of Pathology to offer a clinical genomics testing lab for translational research and personalized medicine.

In June 2013, the Department of Pathology launched a new division dedicated to genomic and molecular pathology. This division, led by Y. Lynn Wang, MD, PhD, comprises four laboratories specializing in molecular diagnostics, cytogenics, clinical genomics, and translational research.

A major part of the division’s mission is to provide a comprehensive, CLIA-certified genetic and genomic laboratory service for physicians and patients.

In order to provide these state-of-the-art Next-Generation Sequencing clinical testing services, the division partnered with the CRI Bioinformatics Core. The lab offers screens for cytology, solid tumors, and a 53-gene panel for hematological malignancies, which were analyzed by the CRI’s bioinformaticians for the first two years of the program. From 2014 to 2016, CRI senior bioinformatician Sabah Kadri and junior bioinformatician Ibro Mujacic worked full-time with the Department of Pathology to provide this complex genomic analysis.

In addition to being highly useful for translational research, the results of these panels can be used by physicians to determine cancer diagnoses and prognoses, as well as to choose the most effective treatment courses for patients based on their specific genetic profiles (including potentially matching them with clinical trials).

The CRI is excited to have been a part of launching this important clinical and translational research resource, another example of our commitment to advancing personalized medicine.