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The CRI is proud to offer REDCap, a self-managed, secure, web-based solution designed to support data collection strategies for research studies.

Note: If you would like to use REDCap for COVID-19 research, please refer to this summary of available resources and find further information here.


REDCap Gathers Results for CRLC’s Research Professional Education Needs Survey


The Clinical Research Leadership Council (CRLC) Education Work group was chartered in December of 2019 with the goal to serve as representative body for providing guidance and feedback on research staff education. Their scope is to support the CRLC in development of best practices for research education for all divisional and UCM staff. The CRLC conducted a Research Professional Education Needs Assessment survey in July 2021. This survey provided valuable insights into how satisfied and knowledgeable staff are with the current clinical research education offerings available, and an important benchmark from which we can improve.

We received a total of 131 unique responses to the survey, with 48 (37%) principal investigators (PIs), 30 (23%) managers of research staff, and 53 (40%) research staff. When asked if the “current level of institutional support meets your present clinical research educational needs?”, The majority of PIs and managers similarly disagreed or strongly disagreed (55% and 57%, respectively) and the majority of staff agreed or strongly agreed (62%). This finding may indicate the different needs of staff for education depending on roles, years of experience working in research, and need for training beyond the required research modules.

The Research Professional Education Needs Assessment survey assessed the training and education needs, awareness of current educational offerings, and preferences for methods of receiving training. PIs, managers, and staff were all similarly very aware of the Good Clinical Practice and CITI training available (required training modules for research staff). Across all roles, respondents stated a need for additional training support: more time (67%), resource list of available professional development options (54%), funds for education and training (48%) and mentoring (40%). To view additional results and data from the survey, click here.

The CRLC Education and Training workgroup actively welcomes new members in community to participate in the monthly meetings and join the CRLC and Research Community slack channels. Join the SLACK channel Research Community.

To participate in future Clinical Research Leadership Council Education and Training Workgroup meetings or slack channel(s), please contact James Lynch at

To learn more about current research training offerings within the Institute for Translational Medicine (ITM), please visit the ITM education website.

To learn more about current research training offerings within the Office of Clinical Research (OCR), please visit the OCR education website.




REDCap is a self-managed, secure, web-based solution that is designed to support data collection strategies for research studies. Its free use is offered by the Center for Research Informatics (CRI). This easy-to-use and intuitive tool provides functionality and features to enable researchers to rapidly develop databases and surveys for collecting and managing research data. Your data is securely kept on BSD servers at the Kenwood Data Center.

The REDCap project was initiated at Vanderbilt University and includes more than 4,000 active institutional partners from CTSAs, GCRCs, RCMI, and other institutions, including the University of Chicago, in a collaborative international consortium. The consortium contributes to the continuing evolution of the tool and provides a valuable sounding board and testing resource for the Vanderbilt team. REDCap is currently in production use or development build status for more than 1.3 million projects, with over 2 million end users in over 140 countries spanning numerous research focus areas across the consortium. Here at the University, we have over 10,000 projects with over 8,000 end users.


REDCap offers the following features:

  • Fast. Quick project start-up. Data entry forms and surveys can be implemented without the need for a programmer.
  • Easy. Intuitive user interface and workflow, readily available online training materials, and assistance from the CRI all make it easy to get started.
  • Fully customizable. You are in control of shaping your database.
  • Web-based. Enter data or build your database from anywhere in the world over a secure web connection with authentication and data logging.
  • Secure. Backed up offsite nightly and hosted in a secure environment maintained by the CRI.
  • Data hosting. No need to worry about security issues regarding third party websites hosting your private data.
  • Data import. Import data from Microsoft Excel and Access (csv files).
  • Data export. Export data to Excel, SAS, Stata, R, and SPSS.
  • Audit trail. Track data manipulation, project changes, imports, and exports by date and user.
  • Advanced features. Mid-study modifications, auto-validation, branching logic, and calculated fields.
  • Scheduling. Utilize a built-in project calendar and scheduling module for organizing your events and appointments.
  • Reports and stats. Online tool allows you to view reports of your data, export your reports, and turn your reports into plots, graphs, and statistics.
  • Autonomous user management. Research groups have complete autonomy and control to add new users and set several levels of specific user rights.
  • Multi-site access. REDCap can be used by researchers from multiple sites and institutions.
  • Survey participant list. Build a list of email contacts, create custom email invitations, and track who responds.
  • Anonymous surveys. Keep your participant responses anonymous (default), or if desired, responses from email contacts can be identified.
  • Survey PDF. Generate a PDF version of your survey for printing to collect responses offline.
  • Mobile app. Available for iOS and Android for offline data collection by the project team.

Note: REDCap is not intended for use with FDA-governed clinical trials. For assistance with FDA-governed clinical trials, please contact




REDCap allows users to build and manage online surveys and databases quickly and securely. Users have the freedom to start their projects and begin designing their forms and surveys often within a few short minutes. Start with our training page to help you learn the basics of REDCap via training videos, training manuals, advanced features, quick tips, and FAQs. You can then log in to REDCap with either your BSDAD or UCHAD account and explore the Help&FAQ page for additional help within the application itself. If you need further help at this point, email REDCap Support to set up a working session with the CRI’s REDCap Administrator.


We can help you determine whether REDCap is an appropriate solution for your research data collection needs by providing a brief demo and discussing whether REDCap is a good fit for your project. Please email REDCap Support to set up a consultation session with the CRI’s REDCap Administrator.


Julissa Acevedo, the CRI’s resident REDCap Administrator since 2012, is the point of contact for all REDCap inquiries at the University of Chicago. Julissa has personally guided many investigators with their study design and she takes pride in providing exceptional technical support. An active member of the REDCap Consortium, she attends REDCapCon annually to collaborate with other REDCap experts to further advance the use of REDCap here at the University. Prior to joining the CRI, Julissa developed and supported various applications at Motorola, Bank of America, and the U.S. Census Bureau.




New users can log in to REDCap using either a BSDAD or UCHAD account (use only one account).

If you do not have either account, a BSD sponsor may request an account for you by filling out the BSDIS Collaborator Account Request Form. The BSDIS Help Desk will follow up on this request. CNET accounts do not allow access to REDCap.


To request accounts for users from external collaborating institutions, fill out the BSDIS Collaborator Account Request Form. The BSDIS Help Desk will follow up on this request.


First, check to see if you have access to your project’s User Rights page which is on the left-hand side Applications menu. If you don’t have access, contact REDCap Support or check with other project user who may have access to the page to grant you access.

Next, click on the Add new user box and begin typing your user’s name. Select it once it appears in the list. Click on Add with custom rights. Click on the boxes of the rights to be assigned. Click on Add user. 

If you don’t see your user listed in the Add new user box, there are two possible reasons:

  1. If you do not find the user listed, and they have logged in before, their access may be suspended due to inactivity. Contact REDCap Support to have their access unsuspended.
  2. If they have never logged into REDCap, ask your user to log in and set up their profile with the following form. Once set up, you should be able to find and select their username in the Add new user box.

*Note, if your project has User Roles set up, make sure to add the user to the appropriate role if necessary.

**Please do not enter the user’s email address in the Add new user box, as this will not grant them access.


There is no self-service password reset utility in REDCap. If you need password help, please contact the appropriate help desk below:

BSDAD or UCHAD Accounts:
UCMIT Service Desk

Collaborator Accounts (t.cri.___):
CRI Help Desk

Account questions? Contact REDCap Support.


REDCap 21 CFR Part 11

Compliance Statement

Research faculty and staff often use electronic applications to maintain records and create signatures necessary to support human research activities, some of which are governed by FDA regulations. Sponsors occasionally request certification of compliance with 21 CFR Part 11. This notice provides information about the University’s use of the REDCap system with Part 11 requirements. University researchers, sponsors, or others seeking certification of compliance for FDA-regulated studies, may rely on this compliance statement and print it as well to maintain it with other required research documents.

Validation Report

The University’s instance of REDCap was initially validated for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance back in 2017. We upgrade yearly (approximately) and a revalidation of the system and a review  and update of SOPs is performed with each upgrade. The CRI ensures the REDCap system operates per its intended use, defined by the system requirements. The intended use statement for the REDCap system is as follows: The REDCap system will be available for electronic data capture across a number of research use cases, including but not limited to, general survey and case report form (CRF) data collection for IRB-approved research studies and investigator and sponsor-initiated clinical trials requiring adherence to 21 CFR Part 11, Electronic Records and Electronic Signatures. University researchers may refer to this validation report which summarizes the results of the most recent validation.

Guidance Manual

University researchers may refer to this guidance manual to learn about the specific Part 11 criteria, and the associated REDCap features that meet said criteria.

Questions? Contact REDCap Support.