Welcome to the CRI!

Since 2011, we have offered an ever-growing selection of state-of-the-art technologies and services for working with research data. Our resources are secure, standards-compliant, and open to all members of the BSD and their collaborators.

Not sure where to start? Browse our areas of expertise below to see what resources we can put to work for you. Still can’t find what you need? Get in touch to talk about your project.

Acquiring Clinical Data

Our Clinical Research Data Warehouse contains clinical data dating back to 2006. Learn more about the CRDW and, after your office hours appointment, submit a data request.

The data in the CRDW can be queried for the purpose of cohort discovery.

Managing Data

The CRI operates and maintains REDCap, a web-based application supporting data collection strategies for research studies with tools for building and managing online surveys and databases. We also offer educational resources for making the most of this tool. Here is how to access REDCap.

If you are looking for information on Velos eResearch, a clinical trials management system that integrates study administration and data management, visit the Office of Clinical Research.

Custom Solutions

If you think your work could benefit from collaboration with the CRI, but don’t see an appropriate service here, email us to get started. We take pride in developing custom solutions tailor-made for individual research projects. Check out our portfolio for some of our past work!

Analyzing Data

The CRI Bioinformatics Core can help you analyze complex genomic data. To submit a new project request or check on an existing project, log in here with your BSDAD or UCHAD username and password.

Analyze large datasets quickly and powerfully with the CRI’s high-performance computing resources. Request access here.

Storing Data

The CRI’s storage resources are secure, encrypted, and backed up daily. Space is currently available for groups (labshares); individual and archive options are coming soon. Request an account here.

Technical Help

If you’ve encountered a problem or need assistance with a CRI resource, we’re happy to help! Submit a ticket or email us.

For information about accounts and passwords, check our FAQ.