Through our years of supporting BSD research, the CRI has become a valuable source of expertise in custom informatics programming, large-scale data analysis, and data modeling and interoperability. This knowledge base, alongside our state-of-the-art computing resources and our rich clinical data warehouse, now allows us to participate in major, collaborative research projects that are changing the face of health care.

Our commitment to the projects outlined here takes the impact of our work far beyond the University as we contribute to creating opportunities for collaborative research; making health care more personalized, effective, affordable, and accessible; and improving lives.

NCI DI-Cubed Data Integration

collaboration with Leidos Biomedical Research


Environmental Influences on Child Health Outcomes

Elligo/FDA Data Harmonization

Publication Highlight: Science, January 2018

GAIN Consortium

Genomic Assessment Improves Novel Therapy

NCI Genomic Data Commons

1001 Genomes


Molecular Pathology Sample Tracking System


WES Analysis Pipeline Suite

March of Dimes Prematurity Research Center

Publication Highlight: Nature, May 2015


Chicago Area Patient Centered Outcomes Research Network

Thirty Million Words


Chicago-area Shared Health Research Information Network

1200 Patients GPS

Genomic Prescribing System

Clinical Genomics Laboratory

in the Division of Genomic and Molecular Pathology

Comprehensive Care Program


Translational Research Initiative in the Department of Medicine