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CCP highlighted as the future of health care for high-risk elders

By January 27, 2016August 16th, 2017News

In a recent paper published in JAMA, Sachin H. Jain and coauthors looking at ways to improve health care delivery for high-risk older patients discussed Dr. David Meltzer’s Comprehensive Care Program (CCP) as a promising way to increase continuity of care and improve outcomes for these patients whose needs, Jain writes in an article for Forbes, “are part medical, part social.”

The CCP study, for which the CRI built the technological infrastructure, pairs patients with a hospitalist who sees them both in the hospital and during outpatient follow-up visits. Jain concludes, “Ultimately, what is most exciting about the CCP and similar programs is the willingness to redesign traditional roles and models of care.”

Read more about the CRI’s contribution to the CCP initiative here.