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Study with CRI bioinformatics support confirms curable intermediate state of cancer

By May 5, 2018May 17th, 2018News

In a paper published in the May 4, 2018 issue of Nature Communications, University of Chicago researchers confirmed the existence of a curable intermediate state of cancer called oligometastasis. Samuel Hellman, MD, Ralph Weichselbaum, MD, and their co-authors were able to use molecular analysis to reliably predict which patients with colorectal cancer could benefit from surgery. Their findings should improve the treatment of patients with colorectal metastases that have spread to the liver, and could potentially be applicable to many types of cancer.

The CRI contributed bioinformatics analysis to the study, with our Senior Bioinformatician Lei Huang, PhD, and Director of Bioinformatics and Research Assistant Professor Jorge Andrade, PhD, named as co-authors.

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