Bioinformatics Core

The analysis of data from high-throughput experiments often presents a challenge to clinical, translational, and basic researchers alike. The Bioinformatics Core at the Center for Research Informatics offers services and expertise designed to allow BSD investigators to take full advantage of available high-throughput technologies. The aim of the Core is to provide the following services:

  • Bioinformatics analysis of high-throughput biological data using well-defined analysis pipelines
  • Direct consulting with bioinformaticians within the Core for specific/custom-made analysis or pipelines
  • Training on the use and applications of publicly and commercially available bioinformatics software and tools, enabling investigators to develop bioinformatics expertise within their laboratories
  • Grant writing assistance so that the bioinformatics components of a grant are fully developed and integrated with the investigator’s research, thereby increasing the investigator’s competitiveness for external funding


Data Analysis

Bioinformatics Tools and Data Sets

Galaxy: Self Service Data Analysis Environment

Grant Preparation



The Bioinformatics Core is supported in part by the Institute for Translational Medicine.

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