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REDCap New Features

By February 28, 2019March 21st, 2019News, REDCap

REDCap has been successfully upgraded to version 8.9.2. Listed below are the newest features. Click here to learn more about these features and all other improvements.

  • Report Folders – Reports can now be organized into folders in any given project. Users will be able to create folders and then assign their reports to a folder, after which the project’s reports will be displayed in collapsible groups on the left-hand menu.
  • Report Search – A new search feature exists on the left-hand menu to allow users to search within the title of that project’s reports to help them navigate to a report very quickly.
  • “Edit Access” for Reports – In addition to setting “View Access” when creating or editing a report, users can now set the report’s “Edit Access” to control who in the project can edit, copy, or delete the report.
  • New options for Data Exports – When exporting a report, a new “Data formatting options” section appears in the export dialog to allow users to choose the CSV delimiter character (comma, tab, semi-colon, pipe, and caret) to be used in CSV Raw Data and CSV Labels exports.
  • PDF Auto-Archiver & e-Consent Framework – With the PDF Auto-Archiver, upon survey completion, a compact PDF copy of the survey response can be automatically stored in the project’s File Repository, from which the archived PDFs can be downloaded at any time. The e-Consent Framework, which works together with the PDF Auto-Archiver, provides functionality for user’s to implement electronic consent (e-Consent) using a survey as the consent form, such as for capturing the consent of a research study participant.
  • Survey Wizard – This survey is designed to help you work through the steps of setting up and selecting the right distribution model of survey. It addresses when to enable survey functionality, what to consider when choosing a survey model, and reviews survey setting options. The wizard is found in the Help & FAQ tab.
  • Survey-specific email invitation fields – This new option on the Survey Settings page can be enabled for any given survey, in which a user may designate an email field for sending survey invitations for that survey only.
  • Survey Return Code Option – New option allows respondents to return to a partially completed or fully completed survey response without needing a return code.
  • Smart Variables – Smart Variables are dynamic variables that can be used in calculated fields, conditional/branching logic, and piping. But instead of pointing to data fields, Smart Variables are context-aware and thus adapt to the current situation. They can reference things with regard to users, records, forms, surveys, events/arms, or repeating instances.
  • Piping can now be used for Checkbox Fields – There are options to display a list of checked choices, unchecked choices, or a specific choice.
  • New syntax for referencing fields on repeating instances – Fields that exist on a repeating instrument or on a repeating event can be referenced in piping, logic, and calculations by using a new syntax by appending the “repeat instance” number to the field inside square brackets, e.g., [weight][2], which points to repeating instance #2 for the field “weight”.
  • New action tag @MAXCHECKED – Allows a checkbox field to have a maximum number of checkboxes that can be checked. If other checkbox options are clicked after the maximum has been reached, those choices will not be able to be checked.
  • New action tag @MAXCHOICE – Causes one or more specified choices to be disabled (i.e., displayed but not usable) for a checkbox, radio button, or drop-down field after a specified amount of records have been saved with that choice.
  • PROMIS Batteries – 15 batteries of instruments are now available in the REDCap Shared Library. A battery is a set of instruments that can be downloaded from the Shared Library as a bundle, in which they are meant to all be taken together one after another within a single battery.
  • New API method Export Repeating Instruments and Events – This method allows you to export a list of the repeated instruments and repeating events for a project.

Please contact REDCap Support with any questions.